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Actions: Like or share on Facebook or Twitter, or follow us on Instagram or Pinterest

Impact: Help spread awareness of our story, increase traffic on our website and connect us to other family and friends who can lend a hand

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Actions: Change the fashion industry one stunning outfit at a time. Shop ethical jewelry and eco-friendly bags. Visit our store

Impact: By wearing our jewelry, you become a spokesperson for our artisans in your communities, help begin fashion trends that empower rather than marginalize, and support livelihoods in Guatemala City.



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Actions: Sell our jewelry or bags in your communities. Learn more here

Impact: Bringing our products to new areas not only boosts the artisans’ sales – you create a ripple-effect of awareness and support for our programs.


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Actions: Take a vacation that leaves a positive impact in the world. Come see for yourself the dump and surrounding communities, meet the artisans and learn their stories. Learn about available tours here.

Impact: After getting to know the artisans who have overcome incredible odds and face each day with determination and optimism, you will have a fresh perspective on your life. The time you spend with us supports us financially and hopefully will solidify your desire to fight poverty here and abroad.




Strength: ★ ★ ★

Actions:  Sponsor an artisan’s continued access to education, skill-training and social support for a month to a year. Check it out on our Global Giving site here

Impact: Ensure that one more person does not risk their lives in the dump and invests in a future for them and their families. Help provide the tools necessary for them to thrive


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