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The Guatemala City Garbage Dump is the largest in Central America, covering over 60 acres. Throughout the last four decades thousands of Guatemalans have migrated to this community, most for greater economic opportunity. Unfortunately this includes scavenging through a ravine, filled with unsorted garbage and hazardous materials such as medical, household and construction waste. They look for anything they can use or sell to sustain their daily life.  Today, over 10,000 people work in the dump, risking their lives to earn between $2 – $3 per day. This is the only income-source of many families.

Violence is a household norm in the community surrounding the Guatemala City Garbage Dump. It has been reported that women living with their spouses are often reliant on their partners’ incomes, intensifying their susceptibility to multiple forms of violence. Single moms make up 57% of households, which often amplifies the amount of financial and emotional pressure they experience. Enduring these multi layered burdens are a daily challenge and inescapable reality for women in this community.

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Creamos believes that all women have the right to financial freedom and the opportunity to better their lives.

Creamos was born in 2008 as a social entrepreneurship program under our parent organization, Safe Passage, out of the recognition of the severe economic challenges women face in Guatemala especially in our target community. In 2014, Creamos became its own organization registered in Guatemala with the mission to provide income, emotional and educational opportunities for the women who live around the Garbage Dump in Guatemala City.

Our holistic services aim to tackle the complex obstacles our women encounter. Through our two-pronged approach, we provide income generating programs and supportive services that focus on emotional health for over 130 women. Our hope, is by focusing on these two areas of human need, Creamos participants will embody our organization's mantra:

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