where and why we work

There are thousands of women residing in the community surrounding the Guatemala City Garbage Dump who experience astronomical rates of social, economic and emotional challenges due to hegemonic masulinity, systemic barriers and the resulting invisibility of women. There are, on average, four children per family in this community where 43% of women are single mothers and over 90% of our participants have experienced some degree of trauma throughout their life. Women typically work 10-12 hours days sifting through trash, earning on average $3-$5 a day. In an attempt to surmount this economic instability, women frequently compromise their personal health and well-being through high-risk behaviors such as dangerous waste-picking methods, suppression of women’s emotional needs, transactional sex and foregoing meals to feed their children.

Creamos wholeheartedly believes that alleviating the daily financial pressures of this population is not enough. In order to offer a thorough and comprehensive gateway to financial freedom, it is imperative we address the severity and frequency of the social and emotional obstacles faced by women in this community.

Creamos aims to create a safe space and foster leadership by creating opportunities for the women living in the community surrounding the Guatemala City Garbage Dump. Utilizing a multi-pronged approach, Creamos offers a variety of income generating and emotional support programs to promote a safer, healthier, and more sustainable community. Our programs and services explore the micro and macro structural factors that contribute to the oppression of the women of the GCGD.